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Article Are there any software limits?
No, there are no limits built into the Varpro software. You can host as many autoresponders as...
Views: 1734
Article Can I modify the software?
You can modify the client side only to make it look and feel like your site. The client side is...
Views: 1906
Article Can I run VarPro on my free website?
In most cases, no. The reason is because most all free web hosts do not offer access to mysql or...
Views: 1802
Article Do You install the VarPro Software?
Yes, as part of your purchase installation is included if you wish.
Views: 1828
Article Do you offer customization of the software?
Yes, we can do custom work on a system you bought from us. Our rates start at $35.00 per hour,...
Views: 1781
Article Does VarPro Handle Bounces?
Yes, bounces are removed from the system as they after they have bounced 2 or more times..
Views: 1783
Article Does VarPro handle Confirmed Opt-In?
Yes, you can set any account type to use confirmed opt-in. Check with your host, they may...
Views: 1788
Article How much do updates cost?
Updates to the software are free for as long as you own the license.
Views: 1919
Article I need to move the system to a new server, how?
You will need to download/move all the scripts and files for the system to the new server. You...
Views: 1771
Article Integration of Affiliate software
You will need to edit the 2 following templates and put affilate tracking code your software...
Views: 1753
Article System Requirements
VarPro 7.0 System Requirements Your hosting account or server must be a Linux/Unix based OS...
Views: 2255
Article What if my web host does not offer/have all the requirements... what can I do?
We offer web hosting for the VarPro system on our servers starting at $24.95 a month. Please...
Views: 1742
Article What is VarPro programmed in?
VarPro is programmed in PHP.
Views: 1687
Article Will the VarPro System send personalized messages?
YES! This is a very powerful feature of the VarPro Autoresponder System. When a prospect makes a...
Views: 1846

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