Installation instructions for ProCloaker 3.0

Log into the client area at to get your license key.

Upload and Install Instructions for ProCloaker 3.0

1. Create a database on your hosting account, you will need the following:

database name
database username
database password

2. Create a folder(directory) on your domain that you want to run the cloaker from.
Set the permissions on this folder to 777 for the install.

3. Upload the script files and folders into the folder(directory) you created as noted:

css folder and it's contents in ASCII
img folder in binary
install folder and it's contents in binary
ioncube folder and it's contents in binary ( only needed if your host does not have ioncube compiled with php on the server)

Uplaod all the main php scripts in binary
upload the .htaccess and the in ASCII

set the permissions on the file to 777 for the install.

4. Run the insall script:

Replace with your real domain name
replace installfolder with the directory name you uploaded the scripts to.

Follow the on screen instructions to finish the install.

5. After you finish the install, remove the install folder and it's contents.

Then set the permissions on your install directory and the to 755

6. Log into the admin:

default user and pass are admin, change these as soon as you can for security reasons!

Common install problems:

1. Error with ioncube: Your host does not support the use of the incube loader, contact your host and ask them to enable it in php.

b. the loader files where not uploaded or not uploaded correctly in Binary.

2. Database error's: You did not supply the install script with the correct database information, double check the database user, pass and database name you gave the install script.

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