Nov 7th Update Scripts for VarPro 7.0 released

VarPro 7.0 updates have been released , please log into your cleint area to download the update scripts.

Updates are as follows:

  1. Admin now sent an e-mail when client submits a support ticket
  2. Added setting for Free account never to expire in the account types config.

Nov 5th VarPro 7.0 Autoresponder System Released

VarPro 7.0 Multi User Autoresponder System has been released!

VarPro 7.0 now includes billing with, PayPal and AlertPay

New admin look, menu and functions.

Jan 14th ProCloaker 3.0 Has Been Released

ProCloaker 3.0 has been released. The looks have changed and we have added a few new features: 1. The ability to test your links 2. Database backups, the system will now send you via e-mail your Database backup. To update to the new version please log into your client area and download the new scripts, unzip and follow the README file on ... Read More »

Oct 6th ProRotator 4.0 Has Been Updated

ProRotator 4.0 has been updated to fix an issue with comma's in the notes section.   Please log into your client area and download the correct zip file for your varsion of Php. You will need to upload the following 3 files to update your scripts: addgroup2.php addpage2.php editgroup2.php editpage2.php   Jim Code-Web Inc. Read More »

Oct 6th ProCloaker 2.0 Updated

ProCloaker 2.0 has been updated to fix an issue with comma's in the notes section.


Log into your client side and download the new zip files, the only 2 files that need to be uploaded to fix the issue are:





Code-Web Inc.

Aug 15th ProRotator 4.0 Released

ProRotator 4.0 has been released visit ProRotator 4.0 for more details.   Uses for ProRotator 4.0 URL Rotator Software: Test Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Sqeeze Pages: Set up several different pages and rotate them to see which one has the better conversion rate. No More Dead Links: Use the ProRotator Links in your E-Books and ... Read More »

Jun 18th New Script ProRotator 3.0

ProRotator 3.0 will be released on Saturday June 21st.   ProRotator will allow you to rotate sales pages or any other pages you enter to test which has the best conversion rates. Protator will show you the number of times a page is shown and can keep track of any sales or actions for the pages being rotated. Never be in the dark again about ... Read More »

Jun 18th ProCloaker 2.0 Update Released

ProCloaker 2.0 Has been updated, please log into your client area and download the new zip files.


Just replace the files in your install directory with the new ones.


1. Moved the stats to it's own page for easier viewing.

2. Modified the display to have a stats link on the main page.